A Plan for Spam Folders
Subject:   Our plan for spam...
Date:   2005-01-31 06:08:52
From:   jay-lee
I've been charged with the task of updating our spam filters for our organization of about 1500 users. Currently we run a single bayesian filter against all accounts, it tags and dumps spam to a spam folder. This has helped distribute the load of false-positive filtering (before that we were moving all spam to a junk account and a sys-admin was weeding through thousands of spam to glean a false-positive, serious time killer). Our problem now though is that users still have to deal with the obscene messages, also, our bayesian database is global, not per-user. Some spam is obviously spam but other marketing emails, well one mans spam is another mans ham. So my current plan is this: Use xbl and sbl to block flagarant spam (we've been rejecting mail they flag for some time now without a single false positive reported, use Clamav to remove viruses and phishing emails (again, extremely low to non-existant false positive rate) and finally run Spamassassin. User's will be able to customize their SA prefs via a web interface. In addition, they can opt to set a "Trash Threshold". Any messages that score above their chosen threshold (say 15) would be deleted. Users would be limited on how low they could set this threshold, probably 10 is the lowest. But many users are ok with the occassional lost ham message if it saves them from dealing with a pile of spam. Those users that complain about even having to check the spam folder for false positives, will also have the option of turning all spam filtering off(and God be with them) but that's their choice. So that's my plan for spam now.