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Subject:   Subversion on Macs
Date:   2005-01-31 07:24:08
From:   mizumitai
Response to: Subversion

I did the install and set up for Subversion (client) in an hour, including waiting a little on the server admin for my user stuff. But, maybe something has improved from a previous version?

What I did:

1) Install the Subversion 1.1.3 package from Martin Ott of SubEthaEdit fame:

2) Install svnX:

3) Set up my ssh login: Create my user with the svn group on the server. Add the line "umask 002" to my .bash_profile. Set up password-less login with ssh-keygen by copying my public key to the authorized_keys file in ~/.ssh/ on the server.

4) Get the admin (or someone with sudo) to make the respository folder: "svnadmin create /home/svn//myRespository/"

5) Open svnX. Specify the respository string. If you're using ssh, something like "svn+ssh://". Also specify the local checkout directory in the Working Copies window.

6) Check out your respository from the server. Add files and folders to your working copy. Click the Add or Update button as necessary to commit to the server.

7) Check to make sure everything was added properly by clicking Go to Repository.

And that was it...

And, at least for my test cases, Subversion seems to handle resource forks okay...