A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   iPhoto5
Date:   2005-01-31 07:32:28
From:   lafleur
iPhoto 5

I received iLife 5 on Wednesday 19 Jan 2005.... I proceeded to install it on my wife's Emac 700mhz system... This system has 1.5gb ram and a 80gb HD...
It also has iPhoto 4 with over 12,000 photos on it... A lot of photos!!!... Good thing I have a back up!!!

Installing iLife from the DVD was easy, 20 minutes later if was done...

I started up iPhoto 5, it told me that it needed to update the iPhoto database... 26 hr later it was still "hung" and I killed the task. restarting iPhoto 5 it againg told me that the database needed to be updated and this time it toke only 4 minutes...

BUT, when I looked at the library, all the structure of the library was there with the correct number of photos in each album, the correct name under each photo, but each photo was replaced by a gray box... NO PHOTO'S!!! clicking on the photo caused iPhoto 5 to crash.....

WARNING iPhoto 5 is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.... It has BUG's and you may lose all of your photos!!!!!

I have been an Apple developer for over 20 years and am not please to see a product released that has not been real world tested... Apple should be ashamed of it self for releasing a product that people put there trust in to save their lifes photos........

tom lafleur

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