Scripting Cocoa with F-Script
Subject:   fixation then illumination
Date:   2001-12-14 22:40:32
From:   psheldon
When I finished your article, I was late for a party and rushing myself to say something encouraging. That didn't work for me and I got fixated at the odd way you specified a point, whined and complained about just learning that there was a cocoa call MakePoint and now there was just another version.
I decided I was feeling crabby because I still had to navigate to the Chistmas Caroling and had to give trying to think positive a rest.
Just now it hit me, after the party and a bit of discussion griping about grippy people, you built a framework. Woooh. That's far out. I think that ranks you as a pedestrian advisor.
I have this holy grail of commenting omnigroup's game frameworks to sort of motivate myself with fun to learn how to navigate knowledge of programming building tools built by mobs of people without having to relive their lives. Finding out how people can be useful to each other in work groups, crucial to postgraduate publication in academia for tenure.
And you built a framework.
I've learned to "think in the mathematical language Maple". One of its features that a person can exploit to "amplify his thinking" is to assign complex expressions rather than their evaluations to variables.
And you made a framework with a block you could assign to a variable that recorded the organization and modularity worked on by a programmer. Woooh.
I saw some portents of stuff going on in parallel in that curly bracket construction of your framework or parser.
Steve Weyer made a framework for the newton message pad in the original apple newton compiler. That meant that he really understood Apple's compiler and what programs it could write. He also made an equivalent of netscape called newtscape. You could embed newtonscript and html in books and run other programs through them. He had books that ran his compiler and made tutorials. He coauthored with his young daughter. He touched the clouds and advised pedestrians.
So, cool. Glad your on board. Maybe AppleScript Studio at the end of this month will be a hard shadow to stand in to make a stand on being the only game in town on scripting, but I think you had to understand stuff better than those nearsighted guys who might see you in some sort of shadow and you have a lot of knowledge for us to mine.
I shall look forward to your column as I do Mike's.

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    • I shall enjoy learning to make building blocks
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