Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application
Subject:   confounded
Date:   2001-12-15 16:47:17
From:   blueskyz
Great series so far. I wish I hadn't gotten off to such a late start. Hope you're checking back here. Don't want to go to next article until I'm good-to-go here.

I, too, am getting the error:
2001-12-15 16:25:11.050 AddressBook[1775] *** -[NSCFArray addObject:]: attempt to insert nil

I've looked all over (yeah right!) and can't find where i'm not synched with my names. I'm betting that's my problem.

Can you outline for me where I should have names that match. They seem to match everywhere I've looked.

Can't figure out the debugging process so I'm unable to narrow down the problem.


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  1. confounded
    2001-12-29 19:14:11  michele [View]

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