Scripting Cocoa with F-Script
Subject:   I shall enjoy learning to make building blocks
Date:   2001-12-16 22:39:44
From:   psheldon
Response to: Re: fixation then illumination

Building blocks sort of boot strap my mind or amplify it.
I tried to make subclass of Bezier that behaved like a colored pen, but I don't think I really understood what assignment meant in either C or objective C. Just telling myself you pass the address starting the object didn't help me debug. What I tried to do just didn't work. Mike will get to it when he isn't swamped with finals and maybe see what flawed thinking I entertained. He did an article on memory managment which helped me only start to grasp cocoa scope rules, something with the metaphor of passing on and declaring ownership of a scope by objects. But my own exercise was enough to get me in trouble and maybe next time around I'll get a better feel.
Maybe my confusion indicartes others were confusable as well. My confusion might mean that these concepts must be more clearly illustrated with example for others as well. Maybe you all might decide that hammering away at another guy's old bugs that will leave by themselves with the guy's own increased wisdom is not as cool as going on in a column. At my first aerospace job, my boss reassured me that I might well paperclip questions and move on with the reading and then go back to the paperclip questions to see if they answered themselves or are no longer important. I've told myself I can't understand everything in the universe and I might like to move on to more interesting questions. But there is glory after staring at a brick wall finally getting that insight or 20x20 hindsight. Sometimes I think that's the only real learning that goes on.
Maybe you and Mike will figure from my bug in the colored pen subclass use some theme you both would like to strengthen.
You thanked my kindness. I work on this. I find that, myself having a lot of education and investment in building mental tools, some people tend to debate with me and use me as a judge of their own worthiness and not listen to my story, rarely displaying a sense of my worthiness. This behavior is not all that inspirational to me building a story or mental tools. I try to practice what I wish they would do. Do unto others as I would... With some people it's hard.
I think great ideas happen when people can learn to trust each other. That takes time. Maybe it should take time and that's OK.