An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Subject:   Dear Santa,
Date:   2001-12-17 09:34:59
From:   o1eal
Looks like a great series you've got underway. Though I'm not sure it fits into the aim of the series as you've defined it, here's what I'd like to see:

1. As a self-taught AppleScript programmer, I hunger for insight on the most intelligent way to accomplish a given task. Too often in the world of AS, we're told we can do things "any way we want." This flexibility is great, but it's also great to hear the perspective of those who understand programming in a broader sense. i.e., what factors should I consider in *choosing* among the many options?

2. I'd like some clarification on your comment that Cocoa allows you to use only a small part of an application in a script. I thought that was what I'd been doing for a while...loading Outlook Express, getting a message from it, copying that message to a Filemaker database etc. How does Cocoa enhance this?

3. What can I do to move into Java or Cocoa programming most easily? What's the best approach for someone with a fair amount of AS experience, but no formal training in programming?

Thanks for what you're doing. Judging from the first article, this promises to be a most enlightening series...


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