A Primer for Accessible Web Pages
Subject:   508 solution to Charts and Graphs
Date:   2001-12-17 10:05:06
As the global leader of interactive data-driven charts and graphs, CORDA ( recognizes the importance of providing equal access to information for users who are visually impaired. CORDA is the first and only company to provide multiple charting and graphing solutions which create accessible, 508 compliant charts and graphs with descriptive text.

According to Business Week’s Assistive Technology columnist John Williams, "Anyone familiar with inserting tables and graphs into documents using Microsoft Word or any other word processing program will find PopChart Xpress a joy to use. I can see the program being used by students, teachers, scientists, businesses, law enforcement, social scientists, politicians, economists – just about every profession using charts."

CORDA assisted the National Cancer Institute in becoming the first federal agency to provide millions of 508 compliant charts and graphs. By using CORDA’s PopChart [D], the National Cancer Institute saved more than $30 million dollars.

CORDA offers two charting and graphing solutions that meet federal 508 accessibility requirements:

PopChart Xpress: A desktop application used to create accessible web-ready charts in minutes. Copy data from a spreadsheet. Best for charts with static data.

PopChart [D]: A server application for web sites that need a high number of charts and/or charts that access data in a database.