Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Perl and
Date:   2001-12-18 07:48:47
From:   tmana
Response to: Perl and

Are you asking about mod_perl? 'Regular' Perl (including the CGI module) doesn't need to be configured for Apache. Though Apache does need to be configured to allow cgi scripts.

I don't remember the specifics off the top of my head but basically there's a SetHandler line in the Apache conf file (which I believe comes commented out...) to the effect of:

SetHandler cgi-script cgi

where 'cgi-script' tells Apache to handle anything with an extension of 'cgi' (and you can add other extensions such as 'pl') as a cgi program.

There's a couple Apache configuration books out there - including O'Reilly's - that will explain it better than me.