Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Mac-like editing
Date:   2001-12-18 13:00:50
From:   pmccann
Response to: Mac-like editing

One of the thoroughly nice aspects of BBEdit 6.5 is that it does allow you to simply edit system files via the

% bbedit /etc/crontab

syntax. You get a gentle jab "file owned by root: unlock?" when you first attempt to edit the file (but only if you don't have write permission). Unlike, vi or pico, where you can make all the editing changes, try to save, and then finally realise that you forgot to "sudo" at the start. Back out, back in, do it all again. On saving the file in BBEdit you're prompted for an admin password, a la sudo. A thoroughly suave implementation.

Of course pico's about as gentle as a cli editor gets, so good choice given the subject of the article!

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