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Subject:   Database snag
Date:   2005-02-02 11:02:19
From:   OlleJonsson
If you, like me, are using the free Control Center (CC) application that comes from the fine people at MySQL AB, the default for an INT field is 11 bytes, not 6. I somehow got the sizes of the database field mismatched when I followed the tutorial, and when the Recipe and the Category were trying to shake hands they were unable to find each other.

But, after I edited the id column to a standard size of 6 bytes to the INT, my data disappeared from the tables. I must have hit some button, the application could not be that unstable.

No harm done, after I added the data agagin, the tables/objects found each other like a charm.

Now when I try and find the link to the CC application, it seems it has evolved into the MySQL Administrator (which is also released under the GPL), which is a 4.7 mb download from MySQL's developer page for downloads.

Man! It looks slick. OK, that was my 2 cents.

OK, now I gotta get into the study tasks before Part 2 of this tutorial is released! Keep up the great work, Curt.

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  1. Database snag
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