Skype on Mac OS X: A Hands-On Approach, Part 2
Subject:   Not ready for prime time yet
Date:   2005-02-02 11:43:36
From:   northwind
Skype is not really ready for general use just yet. Amongst other problems its payment system fails to meet minimum consumer standard.

Phone and other communication systems must work to a level were you can depend on them, otherwise they are just toys. Nice toys granted - but just toys.

Skype uses a third party to collect payment for its skype-out service which is a very important part of the system - if you are concerned about general usage. Unfortunately Skype does not really have any influence on this partner which means that if a problem arises in the payment process, then Skype is incapable of devicing a solution.

What that means for the user is (as many people have experienced) that the skype-out at best can be described as a dangerous venture or in other words - just a toy.

You can't rely on it because you have no recourse when Skype fails its obligation regarding payments.

At this time my bank accordingly to their fraud department has Skypes billing partner listed as fraudulent which means that I too am barred from using skype-out since there is no acceptable way for me to pay for the service, and so it remains for me also - just a toy.