Subject:   I'm sorry....
Date:   2005-02-02 17:27:38
From:   jbrains
Response to: I'm sorry....

It is pretty difficult for me /not/ to have read that whole section of the book. I read it while I was writing it. :)

As for JSPs, it is still impossible to test JSPs entirely outside the container, and as a result, I prefer to use other page template technologies. That said, it's easy to write tests for JSPs using Cactus, something both JUnit Recipes and JUnit in Action describe in detail. Because Vince did such a good job writing about it, I didn't feel it necessary to try to do any better.

I really don't understand this comment: "[T]heir whole 'gold master' approach is super simplistic and not given much serious treatment." In what way didn't I treat it seriously? I use it seriously often enough. What wasn't serious about it?

I admit I'm no expert on JSF, so I can't comment on how to test JSF-based applications. If I ever find myself on a project using JSF, then I'll learn what I need to learn and I'll probably write about it.

I really liked your closing comment: "Most people think of unit tests as being simply so we can figure out if something works. Automation yields a much broader value: being able to know that something works at all times." I couldn't agree more.