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Subject:   RE: Difference in Quicktime exporting
Date:   2005-02-02 22:34:04
From:   derrick
Response to: Difference in Quicktime exporting

Sorry Lou, I do the best I can at explaining this stuff without going into so much detail that it bores the socks off of folks. Here's what I was trying to say.

"old export options" refers to the dialog box we used in iPhoto 4 to export slideshows to QuickTime movies. If you created a slideshow and saved music with it, you could use the export function to send that content to a QuickTime movie. That dialog box still lives in iPhoto 5, as I mentioned in the article.

The "sideways triangle icon in the lower left corner of the iPhoto interface (beneath the Source window)" I refer to in paragraph 8 is technically called the "Display the slideshow" button. But I feel my description is easier to understand.

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  1. OK, I get it now
    2005-02-10 19:43:18  LouM [View]

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