Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   Marketing ? Market share ? Asking for getting kicked out ?
Date:   2001-12-21 09:27:58
From:   maliken
Sun, IBM and BEA appear quite money-only-oriented on this.

On the battlefield:

Many developments are done using Micro$oft technology, dotNet is coming and looks good (ASPX being much faster than JSPs and COM+ being able to handle most TP-related situations for real world apps).

A WebSphere which is bloated as hell (V4 is somewhat better) and takes ages to load an app,

A WebLogic which is strong on TP stuff (they have Tuxedo and M3 so I guess they know how to go to OTMs and kick COM+ asses).

A key potential killer for Microsoft technologies being a working EJB CMP persistence for "complex object graphs stored in relational DBs".
(This is not yet understood by the developers in the large and the persistence engines are quite bad. EJB 2.0 is underway but when will it see the light ? Dependencies between object... are we so bad that we cannot build something like that ? Hey, it's 2002 in a week, not 1970 anymore. Even heard of OODBMS ? Why not putting the mapping layer into the CMPs ?)

So, if Sun doesn't wants to give access to the certification to JBOSS, this translates to "we have a barrier to entry". So cool, but if people were competing. Basically, with MS having all of its weight on .Net, we'll have lots of fun. JSharp will allow for conversion of Java Developers. C# being the weapon #2. Remember that they own the browser and that their strategy is to move back to rich clients, even if they are in the browser window... HTML is just not good enough for real apps.

The real reason for not allowing JBOSS is that the BEAs, IBMs and ORACLEs are fearing that the infrastructure will not be the playground anymore but rather a common denominator for services.

This will be the case in the years to come.

Microsoft faces the same kind of threat with Lindows ( which could mean huge trouble for them.

Linux, JBOSS, PostgresQL and the like are GOOD SOFTWARE running NOW.

As such, the market will really be for applications, not infrastructure.

Look at pen and paper which are commonplace, they do not make everybody write books.

... so

Look at JBOSS which will be the pen and paper for making people write the application of the future.

What does SUN wants ? Cash, Cash, Cash. They will not let go since it is not their interest. They must be forced to do so. The only way to change this is having developers using JBOSS instead of other tools and make apps work.

Bah, I don't care, JBOSS is REALLY better than WebSphere, WebLogic and Orion (Well, Oracle 4 J).

The only good thing there is ORACLE which can stand the test and SunOS which is a decent OS.

Now, go coding and use the budget for that, not for recurring cash licence schemes...