Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   behavior of cc in OS X terminal window
Date:   2001-12-21 17:03:42
From:   pistor
I have a question regarding the c compiler. When I write a c program hello.c and compile it like this

[localhost:~] myname% cc hello.c

I find the executable file called a.out in the same directory. When I try to run a.out by typing:

[localhost:~] myname% cc hello.c

I receive the following message:

a.out: Command not found.

when I go a directory level up by typing:

[localhost:~] myname% cd ..

and call the program then by typing:

[localhost:~] myname% directoryname/a.out

the program executes correctly. Is this how the terminal is supposed to act and why is this. Why can't a command be found when I am in the same directory as the executable file?

thanks for any suggestions


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  1. behavior of cc in OS X terminal window
    2001-12-21 20:24:42  hokanstenholm [View]

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