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Subject:   remarks on topology
Date:   2001-12-21 21:46:21
From:   psheldon
This is an atta boy.
I have an odd way of learning things. I like to be frustrated. Your remarks on topology seemed to be conceptualization of an axiomatic approach to the next step framework language. It frustrated me because I almost got it but not quite. Frustration is good. It motivates me to read the examples. Examples are good because I invariably get burned making mistakes and then I appreciate and learn the axioms better.

So I am not complaining because I was frustrated. I can easily frustrate myself, but I am not always sure this will lead to knowledge and it is apparent that you know more than I here and I trust you more than myself to frustrate me.

It is merciful to an author not to displace all my frustration onto him by asking why why why too soon because my confusion and frustration has to settle in for me to appreciate and be able to absorb an answer to all the why's. There is no royal road to mathematics.
These remarks might be a gracious attempt to try to pare down some sort of EBNF grammar defining next step object system, if there is any EBNF grammer so defining it or it might be the first step to daring to try to write down such a grammar.
I'm not ready, the author is not ready for why why why, but perhaps it is kind for me to say which is the most difficult axiom for me to allow myself to be frustrated with right now :
"The fact that NSObject (meta) inherits from NSObject explains why instance methods defined for the root class are also class methods."

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