Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   Re: what this article fails to point out
Date:   2001-12-22 00:42:32
From:   ncdave
Response to: what this article fails to point out

Phule wrote:

> If David violated the Accepable Usage policy of
> the state by installing the clients, the state
> has EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to go after him under
> criminal prosecution.

That is not true. The DeKalb Tech AUP is not a criminal statute. The State only has the right to prosecute him criminally if he violated the law. That he did not do.

If you annoy your manager, you can expect to be scolded or fired. If you knowingly violate your employer's policies then you DESERVE to be fired. But criminal prosecution should be reserved for... criminals. And criminals are people who violate criminal statutes.

> But the fact remains: abuse is abuse is abuse
> under the law.

No, it isn't. "Abuse" is not defined in law, and is nor criminally prosecutable. CRIMES are what are defined under the law, and a careful reading of the statute plainly shows that McOwen is not guilty of the crimes with which he has been charged.