An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Subject:   Wanted: AppleScript sans ObjC info
Date:   2001-12-22 18:10:26
From:   bdominy
Response to: Wanted: AppleScript sans ObjC info

Hello Dave,

With the release of AppleScript Studio, it certainly seems like you will be able to do just this; however, we probably won't touch on studio for a little while for two reasons. First, it is a 1.0 release and there may be revisions in the near future. Second, I've just started playing with it myself, so I cannot offer much more in these articles than what comes with the documentation right away. But I do consider Studio to be about the coolest developer tool addition Apple has released since Project Builder, so we will touch on it for sure.

The goal of the beginning of this series is to get developers who want to use Cocoa excited about adding AppleScript support so that more applications can be used in scripting. I've been very excited about AppleScript for years, ever since it helped me process hundreds of molecular images into a website on a Quadra when I was in college, but many apps did not support scripting at all or very well. The reason for this was not developer apathy, but rather that adding scripting support to pre-cocoa apps was very difficult. It represented a major investment for the developer and had little perceived value for the user. Kind of a chicken and the egg proposition. Cocoa changes this situation for the developer and lowers the barrier for them. I'm hoping developers who read these articles will once again consider adding scripting support to their new apps written using Cocoa, once they see how mush easier it is. So, we will spend some time seeing how to do this using ObjC and then Java, then move on to see how Studio does it.

Thanks for reading,