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Subject:   PHP 4.3.10 on OS X 10.2.8
Date:   2005-02-04 11:28:13
From:   rmwiseman
Response to: PHP 4.3.10 on OS X 10.2.8

Finally, a solution!

From Daniel J. Luke's Weblog, http://www.geeklair.net/~dluke/archives/000526.html:

"For anyone attempting to build php 4.3.10 (seeing as it fixes some security bugs). You might have problems with php-4.3.10/Zend/zend_strtod.c (at least, I did on my 10.2 system).

"Line 131 seems to be the problem. Removing the "|| defined(__ppc__)" so that that define doesn't happen on my Mac OS X machine seemed to fix it."

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  1. PHP 4.3.10 on OS X 10.2.8
    2005-02-24 08:51:52  guillegv [View]

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