Dispelling the Myth of Wireless Security
Subject:   The Myth of Easy WEP cracking
Date:   2005-02-06 12:31:12
From:   BashT
Response to: The Myth of Easy WEP cracking

I totally agree with you Tim. This was the topic for my research paper and I have about the same set up lab but I was using Knoppix STD. I had Airsnort run for one week and it did not log any weak IV keys. I email the developers of Airsnort asking them what's wrong and they told me the same information that you wrote, that old 802.11b hardware with old firmware are the only ones that are vulnerable to this attack so in other words if you are using 802.11g or n or you updated the latest firmware on your 802.11b hardware then you don't have to worry about the WEP key being hacked for now..