Freedom or Power?
Subject:   Freedom Zero: Aleph Null
Date:   2001-12-29 10:04:52
From:   dunhamb
Having met RMS at LINUX Lunacy, a Geek Cruise, I have a better understanding of the personality behind the philosophy. I would therefore suggest a new Freedom, Freedom Aleph Null, a reference to Cantor's transfinite number theory: All previous Freedoms are empty if the altruistic motivation for enlightenment is removed from the process of human self actualization.

The purpose for writing code within the context of the Freedoms, and then offering it as free software, in to promote a world vision of harmelessness, to create a world where human activity results in the best possible good. The Four Noble Truths of Free Software should guide our trade craft toward an altruistic motivation for enlightenment, otherwise our work is part of a karmic chain of misguided deeds.

Bernie Dunham, MOUStech.NET, LLC

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