Tim O'Reilly Responds to "Freedom or Power?"
Subject:   Stallman's Vision: Less Freedom
Date:   2001-12-29 10:43:39
From:   dunhamb
Response to: Stallman's Vision: Less Freedom

I have met Mac fascists before, who are so anti-Windows that being in the same room is unbearable. But exposure to Open Source and Free Software "Fundamentalism" at a recent conference led me to make a very bad joke about Stahlman's comedy character St. IGNUtious: I thought he should update it to Usama Bin LINUX, a very bad reference to a fundamentalist Islamic state where you get beaten for violating the purist code of ethics. I am very sorry that I made this reference to RMS and I wish to apologize. He does not deserve the juxtapostion, even in a humorous context. He is a beautiful mind.