Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   /etc/hosts Not Used?
Date:   2002-01-02 19:12:59
From:   ellem
I wanted to enter a hosts entry like so:
$sudo emacs /etc/hosts

And I amended the hosts file (without read all that "stuff" at the top.)

Upon returning to the hosts file via more /etc/hosts I read all that "stuff -- NUTSHELL Version:

We only use /etc/hosts in single user mode, now we use NetInfo and failing that we use lookupd.

So first the *nix in me went looking for lookupd and the best I could come up with was retart-lookupd. Undeterred I tried to make my entry there. Seeing that that was not the file I was looking for (move aong) I tried to find my entry point in NetInfo. My 3rd 404 in an hour.

Shouldn't this sort of thing be moderately easy? I just want to be able to type a word instread of a number.

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