The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   Not juste Penny-Pinching,,,
Date:   2005-02-07 00:33:43
From:   dave2004
Response to: Not juste Penny-Pinching,,,

This is all interesting stuff, and I'm hoping to verify that it will all work following recent bidding for an Orinoco compatible card (Dell TrueMobile).

I noted the use of RAM disk for booting. I have used a 512kbyte flash card in a PCMCIA carrier with a 1400c - and now 1 Gbyte devices are available at reasonable cost. Is it possible to force a boot from such a PCMCIA memory device - as this would enable a complete OS to be put on and carried around?

I am not sure that the use of these flash devices speeds the machine up very much, if at all, but maybe they use a lot less power than running the hard disk, so may give more life to these machines. I do think that using CF devices is a good thing, and would be even better if could boot from them.

For moving files between machines I now tend to use Compact Flash cards, as these do provide compatibility. I have Zip Drives, but I haven't bothered to connect these up during the last few years. My CD ROM on the 1400 is currently non functional, so small files are moved by floppy, large ones by CF. If I can get wireless to work that will give another route.

Whether it'll all be worth it is an interesting question - but it'll provide an extra computer with connectivity at relatively low cost.

Noting the comments from Venga - I hope that the router/wireless problems have been sorted. I can't offer much advice, except that I have seen similar problems with PCs running through NetGear routers. I still wonder whether the routers can be hacked.

For PCs a reboot usually works, perhaps accompanied by turning the router on/off. Often the problems are due to DNS failures, and they may be localised to one machine on a network - others still functioning. It is difficult to say whether the problems are with the router or the problem machine.

Maybe someone hacked your 1400 for the challenge!