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Subject:   Removing Localized Files?
Date:   2002-01-04 08:21:00
From:   art50
Response to: Removing Localized Files?

I copied this from...

11/16/2001 Want to get rid of those languages files
to free up space? What I did to be able to install.

When I was installing the 10.1.1 update I had a space issue. I assume others may have the same. How to get rid of those Language files that were installed by apps or the original OS X install? Well because we have the BSD layer it is quite easy. BSD has many great utilities... "find" is one of them. Here is how I got rid of those language files.
find / \! -name "English.lproj" -name "*.lproj" -type d -exec rm -r -- {} \;
What this does is find items from the "/" directory look for all ending with ".lproj" but not "English.lproj" of type directory then execute the remove -r "recursively" on all found. you could add in other languages by inserting such as ' \! -name "Spanish.lproj" ' without the 's. Be careful . After using this myself I freed up 320 MB of space.
Mileage may vary!!

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