Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?
Subject:   what about people doing their online shopping using school comps? what about SETI?
Date:   2002-01-04 17:54:50
From:   allamneni_s
lets say he was wrong. and lets assume he deserves the punishment.

why not prosecute employees who use school computers to do all their online shopping, download screensavers, use instant messengers, buy air tickets, and simply browse the net coz they are bored? surely there is some financial gain in some of these activities [think of not having to dialup from home for instance].

think of the amount of bandwidth each employee consumes in doing things that are in no way related to their jobs in a single day.

and what about students who installed SETI on their computers which are connected to the school networks. are they punishable too? how many students actually use the school network for doing purely academic work?

what is needed is consistancy. misuse of resources[if any] has to be curbed. but the punishment has to be proportional to the economic loss suffered by the school. and the same rule has to be applied to all violators [students, administrators, technical ppl, faculty...].

Clearly this is not going to happen. so why bother prosecuting one?