Spymac's Wheel vs. Dot Mac for Easy Web Services
Subject:   iCal on Wheel Update
Date:   2005-02-09 04:32:30
From:   christopher_roach
As promised, I have played around a bit more with iCal and on my Wheel acount and I can state that not only was I able to publish my calendar to my Wheel account with or without subjects, but I was also able to allow other users to subscribe to my calendar as well—making the published calendar viewable to other users through the iCal application. (Which, by the way, this latter feature should be mentioned in their instruction manual somewhere, since the first time I tried publishing a calendar I just glossed over it totally.)

Anyway, it looks like the Spymac developers nailed this feature. It is every bit as robust as using iCal with .Mac and its every bit as easy to use to boot.

If every other feature on Spymac worked equally as well, I think the .Mac team would be in real trouble.

One more note. I was trying to post an html version of a PowerPoint presentation I had to give the other day to my .Mac website and I ran into trouble. It would seem that frames are not currently allowed on a .Mac website. This is very annoying, I had to re-export the ppt file to pdf and post the latter for download instead. I'm not sure if Wheel has the same limitiation, but I'll keep you all posted.

Hope that helps in your decision a bit more.