Seven Mac OS X Tips
Subject:   Software Update tip
Date:   2002-01-05 08:23:04
From:   jflach
The Software Update feature is great, but you may find that there are updates posted that don't apply to you or that you don't need. Take for example the numerous printer updates recently posted. You don't have to install an update if you don't want to, but to stop the Software Update application from reminding you about a particular update just follow this tip...
When an item appears in the Software Update list that you don't want to install, select it from the list, go to the "Update" menu and select "Make Inactive..." This will remove the item from the list and you won't be alerted to the update the next time Software Update runs.
Also under the "Update" menu of the Software Update application is the option "Show Inactive Updates." It does exactly what it says, so if you later decide that you need one of the udpates you can go back and get it.