WET11 Upgrades
Subject:   ME102 as a client for a printer
Date:   2005-02-09 11:43:01

I am trying to make Netgear ME102 AP act as a client so that I ca connect it to a printer (has built in print server) which will make the printer available wirelessly to all the computers. I have Netgear wireless router to which I have 1 pc wired and 2 laptops connected as wireless.

I have looked at various hack sites for last 2 days and tried a lot of things but to no solution.

ME102 is currently setup in client mode, the mac address specified is for the access point where all my computers are connected, and the crossover CAT5 cable is connected between the printer and ME102.

Please help! All the sites I have visited recommend Linksys WET11 instead of ME102. Has any one been able to make this work?