Spymac's Wheel vs. Dot Mac for Easy Web Services
Subject:   Just a poor wannabe
Date:   2005-02-09 21:10:18
From:   hembeck
Okay, I tried the free Spymac service mainly to check out email. Because Spymac markets themselves as the alternative .mac for Mac users, i wanted to check out how syncing AddressBook would work. In short it does not.

I didn't expect to find perfect syncing as when using iSync, but i did expect it to support vCards. The product is geared to Mac users, and AddressBook only exports in vCard format. Dissappointment number 1.

Dissappointment number two came when viewing the help files: They all revolve around Windows. Not a single mention can be found of any Mac apps in the Spymac mail docs, such as AddressBook, Safari, or iCal. In fact, no mention of Macs or OS X of any kind.

Third, this service for Mac users is a confusing mess of links, trying desperating to emunlate a community.

Maybe when one actually subscribes to the Wheel service it get's better, but after the messy introduction to their free mail serivce, I'm glad I didn't plunk down $40.