Lessig: The Future of Ideas
Subject:   look at it from H. Rosen's perspective
Date:   2002-01-10 13:24:53
From:   robotarmy
Response to: So what reallli is the RIAA?


Put yourself in her shoes. Really try to imagine what her thought processes are.

Ask yourself, "Can I think of any possible reasons why it would be a bad idea to let Napster exist as it priorly did?"

Perhaps there's some tiny little caveat, like "well, it does screw up artists who only want to do electronic distribution, and who don't tour" or something.

The point I'm making is if we just argue our own points to the point of utter conviction, we lose the power of being able to see it from both sides.

Take a look at the whole problem; take a look at all the different players (labels, artists, listeners, isp's, services...)

Take a look at the whole situation.

Recommend solutions.