Apache and AppleScript
Subject:   Glaring Error
Date:   2005-02-12 01:24:47
From:   has01
"""AppleScript is a language used to accomplish what traditional scripting languages are unable to do: exchange information between applications on a higher level than is possible through plain-text pipes on the command line;"""

Not so. There are plenty of traditional scripting languages with varying levels of Apple event support. Offhand, here's the ones I can think of:

- Perl has long had well developed application scripting support in the shape of Mac::Glue (download) ( article).

- Python also has very good application scripting support that easily gives AppleScript a run for its money; see appscript (note: self-link).

- Late Night Software do a JavaScript OSA component.

- Tcl and Ruby both have basic Apple event support.

- And UserTalk is the granddaddy of them all - AppleScript included - being the first ever scripting language ever to support OSA (ch. 32 of Matt Neuburg's Frontier book).

For example, here's how to get a Finder comment using MacPython+appscript:


from appscript import *

path = '/Users/NAME/your/path/here'
comment = app('Finder').items[path.replace('/', ':')].comment.get()



p.s. Your file is broken. Old-style applets store their script in the resource fork, so you'll need to use a compression format that preserves this.

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