Spymac's Wheel vs. Dot Mac for Easy Web Services
Subject:   My experiences with SpyMac Wheel
Date:   2005-02-12 07:26:33
From:   thomasyung
Like Christopher Roach, I've had the opportunity to use both services. In the end, I chose SpyMac Wheel simply for the reason that I use the email service the most. 3 GB email is a lot to pass up. I admit that I miss the addressbook and bookmark sync features of .Mac, but I've learned to survive without them. The Backup programs from both services have both been a disappointment for me. Who cares about 250 MB of storage online when your User folder that you want to backup is well over 1 GB? At least .Mac's backup program works with media like DVD-R, CD-R, and external HDs. I've found that SpyMac's Wheel Backup application to be confused when trying to backup to media. It tries to apply the 250 MB limit to those media just like it does to the online storage. I've placed a support ticket to them and they've never replied to it yet. I've just assumed that this has never been fixed. Has anyone else seen this bug as well?