Apache and AppleScript
Subject:   Re: Glaring Error
Date:   2005-02-12 13:04:30
From:   chixulub
Response to: Glaring Error

Yes, AppleScript is only one implementation of the OSAScript specification, which is why the shell command to execute OSAScripts is called osascript instead of applescript. Can you use JavaScript to write OSAScripts that work interact with AppleEvents ? Absolutely. So to be completely correct I should've used the term "OSAScript-aware languages and extensions can be used to accomplish..." instead of "AppleScript can be used to accomplish..." My bad.

The projects that you mentioned above are exactly what I was referring to when I wrote "However, the HFS(+) filesystem also uses resource forks to store metadata for files, which 'traditional' languages can't access without special methods."

There comes a point where a line has to be drawn that separates what will and won't be covered in a piece of writing; I decided to gloss over those details because I didn't feel they were necessary to the point that I was trying to get across at that stage in the article: that AppleEvents provide a much richer method of passing data back and forth than plain-text streams through standard input/output.

To be really picky, it should be stated that it is ECMAScript that can be used to write OSAScripts, since JavaScript, which technically only lives within web browsers, is merely one implementation of the ECMAScript standard--Flash's ActionScript being another. But is anything gained by going into that extra level of detail? Not really; certainly not enough to justify including the additional information in your comment. Which happens to be the line that you chose to draw.

I would like to thank you for pointing out that information in the Comments section, as it provides a way for the readers (and myself!) to find out more information relating to the topics covered in the article.

As for the broken zip file, it was created using Panther's "Create Archive" command from within the Finder. If you expanded the archive with another tool (such as Stuffit Expander or WinZip), then yes, the resource fork may not be attached to the resulting file. To work around this problem, I've posted a copy of the script in SIT format to:

My apologies.

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