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  WS-Security in the Enterprise, Part 1: Problem Introduction
Subject:   You should aqcuaint yourself with what's out there
Date:   2005-02-14 08:49:52
From:   dpiliptchouk
Response to: You should aqcuaint yourself with what's out there

Since I've been working on development of one of the pioneering products in this area, I'm quite familiar with the landscape, as well as with the present problems out there.
Should this functionality be eventually moved into the infrastructure layer? Definitely. Are we technologically at this point yet? By no means.
This unfortunate fact, combined with the desire to provide some education value, was the main motivation for starting this work.

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  1. OK, Now I'm with you...
    2005-02-14 15:14:39  OConnor [View]

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