Building the Perfect Budget PC, Part 1
Subject:   small & quiet system
Date:   2005-02-15 19:11:43
From:   tungwaiyip

Don't do this if all you want is cheap. This is especially true if you want a Windows system. PC vendors's bargain is hard to beat.

Build your own PC if you want something not offered or is very expensive from PC vendors. In my case I wanted a small and quiet system to host my personal web site. It runs 24x7 so I want it to consume little power and emit less greeen house gas. I went for a VIA system with parts ordered from It has since sitting quietly at the corner as a file & print server and running my personal web site. I estimate it shaves $100 off the annual operation cost compares to my last AMD box.

Also if you want to build a Linux system make sure it supports the custom hardware you pick. Linux support seems greatly improved these days but it is still worthwhile to check before you buy.