Animating Graphics in Cocoa, Part 1
Subject:   thanks #import "AnimationView.h", other insights
Date:   2002-01-12 21:16:25
From:   psheldon
Response to: Some changes and questions

I got warnings and it made me doubt I knew what was going on with containers.
I've attempted to write something pivotal elsewhere, but thought I would try to give it separate title so people could find it later.
I felt like I needed the "Mike experience" after reading learning cocoa from Apple, so I could have before again reading learning cocoa from Apple in the future. Playing and getting confused before reading instructions helps read instructions, reading instructions and getting confused before playing helps playing.
That's what I will try to write about, though it is going to probably remain a head scratcher about learning this sort of stuff.
That you analyzed why the ball sometimes dissappeared was fantastic. Maybe we can all start to think and diagnose multithreaded as well as you!
I shall study your code candidates.