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Subject:   Same Behaviour on all iPods
Date:   2005-02-16 06:23:07
From:   cpu
Unlike other iPods, you can't move your shuffle from one computer to another and add tracks from each. If you plug your shuffle into another computer, iTunes notes that it's an alien iPod and asks if you want to start using it with this machine instead.</u>
What do you mean by "unlike other iPods"?<br/>All iPods I own have the exact same behaviour as this Shuffle. I cannot simply move songs from other computers on my 40gig, iTunes always asks if I wnat to start using the iPod with this computer.

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  1. Same Behaviour on all iPods
    2005-02-16 07:26:30  sknaster [View]

    • Same Behaviour on all iPods
      2005-04-03 09:39:03  cocooncrash [View]

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