Parsing an XML Document with XPath
Subject:   Parsing a Namespace node with JDK 5.0
Date:   2005-02-17 07:55:52
From:   Gerg
Response to: Parsing a Namespace node with JDK 5.0

Thanks for the examples. Could you please also show an example of an xpath that includes two different namespaces prefixes? If a journal's article could be in different languages, you might want to add an "xml:lang" attribute to the "article" element. (Where the "xml" prefix in XML documents implicitly refers to the "" namespace without being explicitly declared as such with an "xmlns" attribute in the root element - as I understand it.) Presumably, the xpath expression to return the value of that attribute would be "/catalog/journal:journal/article/@xml:lang". In such an expression it would seem that we need to xpath.setNamespaceContext(NamespaceContextImpl) twice, with two different NamespaceContextImpl instances, one for each prefix ("journal" and "xml"). For me, though, evaluating this expression returns nothing, even if I use a NamespaceContextImpl class (or two). Hmmmmmm.

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  1. Parsing a Namespace node with JDK 5.0
    2005-02-17 08:01:53  Deepak Vohra | [View]

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