Designing a Fully Scalable Application
Subject:   javaspaces
Date:   2005-02-18 08:00:36
From:   ashevat
Response to: javaspaces

SEDA talks about decupling your application into separate modules and creating an event driven application where modules activate other modules using events, JavaSpaces talks about a set of utilities (a framework) for disabused application. Like most good ideas these are not new, there are several project (some open source and others not) that deal with these issues.

The innovative thing in MantaRay Scalable utilities are that you can write a non distributed application using a very light weight data structure that does not need the underlying heavy duty framework (network, serialization ...), then when you want to scale up your application and make it distributed you use the same data structures without the need for code modification.

Amir Shevat