Building a Unix Server
Subject:   Install porteasy without the ports col.
Date:   2005-02-19 13:16:33
From:   jim58
I'm a newbie and have been dealing with the learning curve. I was a little confused by the porteasy advice in Dru's column.

I've installed 4.11-RELEASE because my old 5160D Toshiba wouldn't boot 5.3 from the CDROM. I also couldn't use the CD after booting 5.3 install from flippy. I could've FTP'd the install but I can envision wanting to use the CDROM in the future so 5.3 is out - at least for now.

Porteasy is not in the packages collection on the 4.11 CD-1 so how can I follow Dru's lean server advice?

When I found the -r option on pkg_add it all came togeter. If you're a newbie too try this command:

pkg_add -vr porteasy

You'll get the package installed directly from the FreeBSD ftp site - very cool :-) Then you can use porteasy to install the ports you need on your server.