A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   Nice new features but old bug from iPhoto4 reintroduced!
Date:   2005-02-20 10:11:06
From:   dlinar01
The key objective of iPhoto is to help the user manage (and enjoy) the thousands of photo's he/she has made. This means that it should be very easy to review, delete and group photo's. Unfortunately iPhoto 5 has a bug that was also there in some early versions of iPhoto4: when in an album it is impossible to delete a photo from the album AND the library. In principle this should be done by using the command-option-delete combination but unfortunately it does not work as it should. I have tested ity on 5 macs and it only worked on one of the 5. On the other 4, it had the same result as delete (i.e. removed the photo from the album but not the library).