Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Making of the Movie
Subject:   Choice of Macromedia for presentation
Date:   2005-02-20 14:22:20
From:   worstellr
The use of SMIL, were it debugged for use over the web, might be a lower-bandwidth presentation model, since it can be scripted and shouldn't have to download all before any can start. This could incorporate both video clips, as well as a tagged sound track based on a script. I don't know that it has been updated much since the work RealNetworks did with it years ago. But being that it is XML-based and easily edited as a simple script (as well as being a free download) it might be able to be utilized for such presentations, particularly since it could be possibly archived and made available through a podcast feed. The individual parts of any SMIL script can be kept to open standards and so be available (much as MP3-format music) to any platform. As above, it's been a few years since I investigated this area, but this seems possible as a medium for such screencasts.