Embedded Linux: Semantics and Reality
Subject:   migration kits not available for linux to vxworks !!
Date:   2005-02-21 03:13:20
From:   linladen
Hi all,

VxWorks-to-Linux migration kits are offered by a number of companies, including MapuSoft, LynuxWorks, MontaVista, and TimeSys.

But, y is there no such thing like,
Linux-to-VxWorks Migration Kits ????

What is the difficulty in providing such a migration kit ?
where is the problem actually ?

if there is a linux-to-vxworks migration kit available in any website or shop, do kindly let me know.

I am in need of it for porting a protocol stack from arm-linux to vxworks.

thanks and regards,
karthik bala guru