An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
Subject:   User folder free space is different from drive free space
Date:   2005-02-22 07:54:46
From:   hunterhicks
Howdy all, used Carbon Copy Cloner to supersize my drive (CCC duplicates your drive to another one, keeping all your settings and such.) All went well. As a filevault user, I set up another admin account without FV, and CCC'd the drive from that account while logged out of my FV account . All good.
Now when I am in my normal home folder, it still thinks it is on the small drive (reporting 4 gig free) and anywhere else on the disk it reports the correct 44 gig free. That's crazy! Anyone know how to tell the filevault account to 'update' and check for free space?
The other users (non FV) show the correct amount of free space.
Weird, huh?
I would think there is some pref file, some command line utility, etc. to make the image adjust itself. Normally, it has to adjust itself every time you delete something outside (and inside) of the FileVault'd folder. There must be a way to "tickle" it to get it to evaluate the space situation.
Here is what I have done trying to get it to fix itself:
I just updated to 10.3.8 hoping that would trigger it, I repaired permissions, I used diskutil on the sparse image from a different account, and I threw some stuff out and let it 'reclaim space' when you log out- all with no good news.