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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   so easy - but . . .
Date:   2005-02-22 12:55:54
From:   videomike
Like so many others, I've benefitted greatly from this tutorial. Thank you. My problem is so easy I can't find the answer . . .

I want to activate PHP 4. I'm using "sudo pico" in lieu of the assumed BBEdit. (good reason, long story) Once I'm into the Apache config file, and I delete the '#' to un-comment something, how do I save it? I've tried ^X for 'exit' and several other options, plus I've just closed the terminal. When I re-enter, the item is still commented out.

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  1. so easy - but . . .
    2008-01-11 09:01:26  ludwig_von_rocht [View]

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