Publicly Funded Research: Tell Us Your Opinion
Subject:   I wish it was that simple...
Date:   2002-01-15 21:24:03
From:   cerdo
While the pro-team looks at licensing issues as things that could be "resolved reasonably easily", it comes at the core on Dalke's arguments. Looks like a third party needs to be included on this issue: the private software companies. On a utopian world, with everyone looking towards the improvement of science, Stewart and Mangalam's proposition will work nicely. Since that is not the case the options are to either accept today's environment of capitalistic competition and embrace it, or to go around the software companies and private competitors, creating our own code. As Dalke's confirms, it would take us years to repeat some current copyrighted software into open source, eliminating the last option due to nonproductive redundancy. I would have to agree with Dalke's opinion, and shake the foundation of the pro-team with this question: If your interest is really to give back to the public what came out with public money, would'nt it make more sense to have the university sell the rights of software produced on its premises, by its students and educators, and funded by educational grants, so the university would use the money from those proceeds to fund more projects and activities of its own? I ask this since the pro-team's proposition comes straight out of a utopian world...where universities invest the revenues of technology it sells back into its faculty, students and R&D programs.