Extend your AirPort Network with AirPort Express
Subject:   128 bit Security on Extreme Disables Express
Date:   2005-02-25 20:31:48
From:   jperl
Have you had this problem?

When I configured my Airport Express to extend my existing Extreme-based wireless network, I read that I needed to set up the Extreme base station as a WDS. I went to that configuration panel on the Extreme Base station and learned that I had to turn off WPA Security, so I did. Express worked fine in that situation.

However, being concerned about security, I went back and created a 128-bit ascii security code. When the Extreme base station restarted, the Express lost its connection and never seemed to be able to get it back unless I disabled wireless security.

Anyone know a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 128 bit Security on Extreme Disables Express
    2005-11-30 04:39:08  Edwin1604 [View]

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