Pro User's Perspective on the New iMac (and Other Apple Revelations)
Subject:   Nothing under the tree....
Date:   2002-01-16 09:04:52
From:   wolf10
I think most pro users were a little stunned that there was no new pro gear announced. I like the iMac, but the lack of a large screen, no video sharing, 100mhz bus, lack of PCI slots -- well lets just say it doesn't fit my needs. iPhoto may prove useful -- but only in a very limited way. I already have Photoshop, Quark Xpress and a host off high-end apps that will allow me to do everything iPhoto will do -- but I may try the hard cover book option in the future.
No faster towers, no OS X update -- I felt like there was nothing under the tree for me.
I have been waiting to buy a new tower for some time, and I held out until the announcement. I sort of reluctantly ordered a new machine since I can't wait any longer. It's too bad, since I should feel excited about a new machine -- not deflated. There is one bright spot. Apple was out of stock on new towers -- citing a ten day wait. Possibly this is normal, but it does seem excessive.
Maybe all of Apple's resources and G4 chips are being funneled into the iMac, creating a delay in tower production. Yeah maybe that is all it is. I would be crazy to get my hopes up for anything else.
Yet there are those claiming that faster towers could be introduced any day now. What if Apple is even now assembling a line of faster Quicksilvers and will fill my order with one of the new machines. NO, No, no. I must be crazy to even speculate that this could happen. But it could....